Can I Mop with Bleach?

The use of bleach in cleaning is quite debatable. Whilst, the Easy Squeeze Mop can be used with all different types of cleaners, certain floor types may not allow for this. Some experts strongly argue against the use of bleach on hardwood floors while others suggest that it may be used under certain conditions. As such, it’s important to bear in mind the different types of bleach and their properties, the type of floor that you have and the result you want to achieve. For most people, they either want to disinfect their floors or remove stains from it by using bleach. A few others may want to upkeep the shiny and pleasing appearance of the floor. Whatever the objectives are, however certain guidelines and instructions as how to clean or not to clean with bleach should be taken seriously to avoid any serious outcome.  

Bleach is a powerful chemical disinfectant used to whiten clothes, remove stains and sanitized toilets Palermo, 2021. There are different types of bleach e.g., oxalic acid which is useful for removing stains, chlorine, which is the common laundry bleach and it is best for removing dyes and tough stains from wood and it will not affect the it’s natural color BobVila, (n.d). On the contrary, Palermo insists that it is not safe to clean hardwood floors with it because one of the active ingredients in bleach is highly corrosive and can break down the seals and destroy the floor finish. He recommends some alternatives to bleach for use in cleaning, such as commercially made cleaners like Bona, Rejuvenate Wood Floor Restorer, Pledge, black Diamond and such like Palermo, (2021). There are also A/B and non-chloride bleach. The A/B bleach can dull out your floor altering the color of the wood and it’s not recommended for interior use; the non-chloride is less toxic than all the others but unfortunately doesn’t have the same disinfecting power. Luckily, it doesn’t have the same color altering effects either.  

With the different bleach available, it must be noted that they aren’t all created equal and they can have varying results. Because of this, most experts agree that if it must be used to remove stops and stains or even to disinfect the home, that it must be strongly diluted. Stains and spots like oil and grease, pet stains and paints etc. can be treated with light bleach solution. The CDC recommends 5 table spoon of regular bleach to 1 gallon of clean water for disinfecting purposes. However, for removing spots on the floor 12 ounces of oxalic bleach to 1 gallon of hot water should be used in a plastic bucket. One of the beauty about this bleach is that it targets the stains on the floors without jeopardizing its natural and dyed colors Wallender, (2020). Remember that you are to practice certain safety procedures when using bleach as with other chemicals. These include, ventilating the area, use gloves and face masks and so forth.  

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