How to Safely Clean Wood Floors

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In order to keep your broad floors looking bright and clean, some amount of efforts must be made to take care of it. From keeping wood floors safe from water and ice damage to the different cleaning agents and types of mops and brooms used are all paramount in protecting and preserving the wood.  According to the Better Home & Garden blog (, cleaning hardwood floors should start with preventative measures  which not only helps to protect the floor but also cuts down on the time it takes to clean it. Fortunately, there are many steps to take to revive dirty dull floors and restore them to their clean luster. These include, the use of cleaning and polishing solutions, mopping and vacuuming.  


Cleaning and Polishing Solutions 

Whilst, floor cleaning and polishing solutions come in many shapes and forms, not all of them are created equal. Even though there are different recommendations online regarding both homemade and commercially made cleaning agents, what is clear is that some of these cleaners are too abrasive and as result, can damage the wood floors. Therefore, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using commercially made products and limit the usage of certain homemade ones. The important thing to bear in mind is to avoid scratching and dulling the floor finishing. When in doubt, it’s best to test them on a small inconspicuous area on the floor before applying it all over or simply use the good old soap and water, Pinkham, M. (2019, November 21).

These guides for using cleaning solutions are as follows: 

  • Use the recommended floor cleaning product by a professional floor finisher 
  • A mild or PH neutral soap may be use in a diluted form. Avoid using straight Ammonia, Alkaline or Abrasive cleaners 
  • Don’t use oils, waxes and furniture polish on the floor as these can leave residue, they take time to apply and make recoating difficult and they may make the floor slippery respectively.  
  • Avoid using lemon-juice and vinegar and water solutions in large quantities as this can damage the floor seals. 



Mopping is important convenient and easily removing dirt and grime from off your wood floors. Although a cleaning pad can be used on the floor, this would require that you to go down on your hands and knees and who wants to do that? Heavily trafficked areas must be mopped once or twice a week and in other less trafficked parts, at least once a month according to Pinkham, M. (2019, November 21). This is an informative blog retrieved from Since the mop technology has evolved so much over the past decade, cleaning is made easier with the different types of mops on the market.  Mops with microfiber heads are ideal for cleaning wood floors as this material is designed to trap dust, grime and even pet hair without scratching the floor surface. Notably, the dirt on the floor does not only make the finishing look dull but it actually scratches the surfaces as well. When mopping the floor, it’s important to consider the following: Brown, J. (2021, March 2nd).  

  • Remove excess dirt from off the floor with a soft broom or vacuum using the soft brush attachment before mopping 
  • Place the mop into a bucket of cleaning solution and wring it out until all excess water is removed to avoid water from seeping down between the boards of the floor causing damage.
  • For cleaning products that need to be rinsed off, use a lean damp mop to do so. 
  • The Easy Squeeze Mop attracts dirt and debris; also squeezes excess liquid with a simple push of the handle.


Finally, vacuuming of wooded floors is ideal to keep your floor clean and free of heavy dust particles. Although daily sweeping is beneficial, it does not get rid of the dirt as efficiently as the vacuum because the broom tends to carry dirt and tiny debris around. Whereas, the vacuum sucks them up even when they settle in the crevices of the floor. Ideally, vacuums which offers rubber wheels are preferred than those models with hard plastic wheels. According to Amanda Garrity, the best choice is a canister vacuum because it has a long, oval floor brush attached. She insists that certain safety measures must be followed to avoid damage to these types of floor when vacuuming, Garrity, A. (2020, January 23rd). These include: 


  • Deactivating brush to prevent the bristles from scratching the floor 
  • Vacuum weekly 


Choosing the Correct set of Cleaning Tools 

With all that is needed to be done to preserve the beauty of your wooden floors it is wise to have a set of cleaning tools to make taking care of your floor as easy as ABC. The Easy Squeeze Mop with its microfiber head provides an easy solution to safety pick up all types of dust and dirt without scratching making your wooden floors last as long as ever while keeping their luster and shine. Its easily attachable and secured microfiber pads grips the dirt firmly without pushing it around. In addition, its self-wringing capabilities prevents sappy floors which can damage wood and with its rotating swivel head it is easy to clean under furniture. Other benefits of the Easy Squeeze mop that you can find beneficial are: 

  • The microfiber pad that is attached to the head allows for easy drying of the wood floor 
  • It is safe for most wood floors and all cleaners. 
  • The pads are washable and hence can be reused 
  • It is not limited to wiping the floor as its long handles make it ideal for cleaning ceilings and windows  



You can now look forward to cleaning those dirty wooden floors by including an easy solution to maintain the longevity of your floors and the beauty of your homes. The Easy Squeeze Mop makes this easy to achieve. You can Order Yours Today Here .There may be other items that you may find on our website that will make your cleaning experience even more fulfilling.  






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